ECREA Summer School 2023

ECREA 2023 Summer School: Jan Houška is presenting his doctoral research project

At the European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School 2023, which took place at Roskilde University between August 7 and August 13, Jan Houška presented his dissertation study Work Experiences of Expatriate and Remote Employees in Czech Game Companies: Qualitative Longitudinal Research. Jan discussed theoretical, methodological, and practical issues of his work, including the attrition and retention of participants during the longitudinal interviews or the questions related to the diversity of his sample of respondents. As part of the Audiences and Content Creation track, he then received focused, one-hour long feedback from a fellow PhD student, topic-relevant researcher, and the track leader, followed by comments from other students in the track.

PhD students at Summer School were required to give feedback to fellow students presenting their work and to participate in workshops. These included workshop electives such as Interview research or Digital Methods for Beginners and general workshop On how to write an abstract. Additionally, students were given lectures by visiting scholars from Europe and South America and participated in a data walk in Copenhagen (wandering through the city using their own pre-defined algorithms) and in rich social programme. ECREA Summer School 2023 was attended by almost 50 PhD students from various universities in Europe, Asia, and South America. Founded by the leading European media research organisation of European Communication Research and Education Association, it is a student-centered summer school and lecturers’ main task is to provide support to the participants in their PhD trajectories. The full programme of ECREA Summer School 2023 can be found here.

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