Tampere Spring Seminar 2024: Meta

At the 20th annual Spring Seminar at Tampere University (May 7-8, 2024), Daniel Nielsen and Jan Švelch presented their respective papers related to this year’s theme of meta and metagaming. The seminar differs from a traditional conference by focusing on providing constructive feeback to work in progress research. The presentations only take 10 minutes, while the remaining 20 minutes is reserved for feedback from invited experts and other seminar participants. This year’s commentators were Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux (University of California, Davis) and Sebastian Deterding (Imperial College London).

  • Daniel Nielsen: “The Perils of Infinite Promise”: Fixing No Man’s Sky’s Player Economy
  • Jan Švelch: The Game Awards Meta: Industrial Reflexivity and the Institutionalization of Prize-Worthy Games