Our Research at DiGRA 2023

At the 2023 Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) conference, which took place in Seville between June 19 and June 23, our researchers altogether presented six papers in the main program and also participated in the doctoral consortium and the Automation in Game Production workshop.

Main Program:

  • Tereza Fousek Krobová: We Can Do It, Can We? Experiences of Women in the Czech Video Game Industry
  • Daniel Nielsen: Playing Darkly: Rescuing Cheating in Online Games
  • Jan Švelch: Prestige or Promotion: Industrial Reflexivity and Political Economy of the Game Awards
  • Jan Švelch and Jaroslav Švelch: Repurposing Concept Art: Video Game Art Books as Industrial Reflexivity
  • Jaroslav Švelch and Jan Houška: Czech Appeal: Use of Local Themes and Settings by a National Game Industry
  • Jaroslav Švelch and Daniel Vella: Of Mice and Lemmings: Ludic Subjectivity and Interface in a Historical Context

Doctoral Consortium:

  • Jan Houška: Long-term Work Experiences of Eastern European Expatriate, Remote and Outsourced Workers in Czech-based Game Companies
  • Daniel Nielsen: Value Extraction of Digital Gameplay: Audience and Producer Struggles

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