Our Research at DiGRA 2024

At the 2024 Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) conference, which took place in Guadalajara between July 1 and 5, our researchers altogether presented three papers. Jaroslav Švelch gave a talk Transmedia in the Early 1980s: Breaking out of the Computer Monitor with the Games by Mel Croucher and Automata UK looking at early examples of transmedia practices in video game production. Jan Švelch participated in a panel Building from the (Play)ground Up: Finding Sustainable Game Industry Futures (together with Amanda Cote, Brandon C. Harris, Brendan Keogh, and Michael Iantorno. His contribution focused on Larian Studios and Baldur’s Gate 3 and how this successful game shaped discourses about sustainability in the video game industry. Leonid Moyzhes also talked about Baldur’s Gate 3 in his presentation Can I Play with God? Case Study of Baldur’s Gate III Inability to Support a Religious Identity Play.